EM-MX Series "X"-Nut™ Antennas





Our EM-MX Series antennas incorporate the latest technological advances in materials and design for economical applications without compromising antenna system performance, quality and reliability. The X-Nut series is designed specifically for applications where traditional Chrome Nut Quarter-wave antennas are deployed.  The whip is constructed of 300 series stainless steel featuring highly conductive black chrome plating offering a quality finish and durability.  Dual Shot Xenoy/TPV injection molded base, with dual seal tenants for weatherproofing maximize dust and water ingress.  The X-Nut series delivers up to 10% more operational bandwidth than most other competing low-end Chrome Nut products.


EM-MX Series "X"-Nut™ Antennas 108-960 MHz

Frequency Model Description Install Sheet Data Sheet Image View
108-960 MHz EM-MX0108-FT

Wave Field Tunable NMO Type

Click to zoom EM-MX0108

152-162 MHz EM-MX0152 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0152
162-174 MHz EM-MX0162 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0162
380-430 MHz EM-MX0406 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0406
450-520 MHz EM-MX0450 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0450
746-894 MHz EM-MX0746 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0746
890-960 MHz EM-MX0890 Wave NMO Type Click to zoom EM-MX0890

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