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EMW-TB001 Comparison between plunger pin and leaf spring contacts used in traditional Land Mobile and Public Safety Vehicular Antennas

121 kb

EMW-TB002 A Top to "Bottom Line" Comparison between the E/M Wave X-Nut™ and traditional industry Chrome Nut Antenna Designs

116 kb

EMW-TB003 The Wireless Industries Highest Performance Broad-Band, Dual-Band Lo-Pro Antenna 800/1900 MHz

58 kb

EMW-TB004 The Wireless Industry’s Highest Performance Broadband/Multi-Band Low Profile Antenna 746-960 / 1850-1990 MHz 117 kb
EMW-TB005 4G/LTE Broadband/Multi-Band Poly Flex Low Profile Antenna 698-960 MHz/1710-2500 MHz (Patent No. US 9,520,640) 470 kb
EMW-TB006 UHF/700/800/900 Multi-Band LMR Poly Pro Flexible Low Profile Antenna 450-520 / 746-960 MHz (Patent No. US 9,520,640) 470 kb
EMW-TB007 EMFLX-M10008-WB Efficient Wide Band VHF Antenna Performance 2468 kb
EMW-TB008 EM-MBD41000 Series Duplexed Antenna Configurations 293 kb

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